Mentoring and Training

To assist you to get the most out of your condition monitoring program

We are a dedicated team of practically time served experience and certified condition monitoring and reliability engineers. We offer on-site practical training from a time served practitioner who has worked from the tools up.

Tips and knowledge sharing from over 22 years on the tools to enable you to get the best and quickest return on your investment in condition monitoring and reliability.

When you require support with or development of Health Based Maintenance we work in partnership to.

Upskill your internal workforce in:

  • Ultrasound Airborne and Structural Borne
  • Infrared Thermography-Low Voltage, Mechanical and Process
  • Vibration Analysis
  • General Maintenance Practices
  • Practical Reliability Engineering
  • Electric Motor Reliability
  • Energy Saving

In addition to training and mentoring we are also able to support you and your team to ensure that the business is getting the most out of the Reliability and Condition Monitoring programs.

To do this we support with:

  • Condition Monitoring Techniques Review, ensuring that you are using the best techniques to detect the correct failure modes that may occur in your system
  • Vibration Database Audit
  • Internal Marketing, to assist you in sharing how your Reliability and Condition Monitoring program is supporting your business. This highlights the cost avoidance and often results in more investment into the program.

Experience sets us apart:

We are the Authors of Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology ISBN 978-1-5272-5386-5 and JPS Reliability Ltd Book of Gold ISBN 978-1-3999-21589-5.   

Please contact us if you would like to purchase a copy.

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