About JPS Reliability

Certified Condition Monitoring, Reliability and Asset Integrity Engineers

When you require support with or development of Health Based Maintenance we work in partnership to.

Upskill your internal workforce in

  • Ultrasound Airborne and Structural Borne
  • Infrared Thermography – Low Voltage, Mechanical and Process
  • Vibration Analysis – Manual, Online and Wireless
  • Motor Reliability
  • Electric Motor Reliability
  • General Maintenance Practices
  • Practical Reliability Engineering
  • Reliability Services UK
  • Condition Monitoring Services UK
  • Contemporary Condition Monitoring consultancy to assist clients with the management of their Health Based Maintenance program

Our experiences ranges from Lubrication, Thermal Imaging, Vibration Analysis, Ultrasound, NDT, Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Improvements, Project Management and Mechanical Maintenance including on-site Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment.

We are qualified to ISO 18436-2 VA Level 3, ISO 18436-4 LM Level 2, ASNT-SN-TC-1A IRT Level 2, ASNT-SN-TC-1A UT Airborne Level 1 & Asset Reliability Practitioner Category 1 (ARP).

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Registered with Engineers Australia in the Mechanical College, Engineering Council UK as Engineering Technician and with the British Institute for Non-Destructive Testing as an Associate Member.

Experience sets us apart: We are authors of

Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology ISBN 978-1-5272-5386-5
JPS Reliability Book of Gold ISBN 978-1-3999-21589-5                                                                                

Enhance system reliability through Condition Monitoring techniques

Improve machine and system functionality

Determine failure mechanisms of systems

Apply Condition Monitoring strategies and technologies

Drive maintenance task and planned intervals