Enhancing System Reliability

JPS Reliability “Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology” is a technical reference book comprises of 20+ years of experience.

Firstly, we wrote the book with the tradesperson in mind, it focuses on the fields of Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring and Reliability Engineering.

The manual covers an introduction to Condition Monitoring and how it is a key tool in an effective Reliability Improvement Program. Initially, this covers Mechanics of Failure, Failure modes and an introduction to all the Condition Monitoring Technologies. Then the focus is on Vibration Analysis and its practical application to increase system uptime. Finally, is all explained practically with clear data and images of failures to develop knowledge to a Seasoned Analyst level.

When we started in Reliability and Vibration Analysis, we were frustrated by the lack of clear mentoring available to help us develop and hone our skills. Therefore, we have ventured into supporting others like us who would benefit from a little guidance.

  • Enhancing System Reliability Through Vibration Technology
  • A4 portrait
  • Paperback Cover Gloss 300gsm
  • Full colour 300 pages
  • Inside pages 120gsm gloss
  • Weight 1.16Kg
  • ISBN 978-1527253865                                    


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