Condition Monitoring, Reliability, Precision Maintenance

Over 40 years’ combined experience in the fields of Condition Monitoring Services UK, Reliability Services UK, Engineering and Maintenance Practices.

Our experience ranges from Lubrication, Thermal Imaging, Vibration Analysis (Manual, Online and Wireless), Ultrasound, NDT, Electric Motor Reliability, Maintenance Planning, Maintenance Improvements, Project Management and Mechanical Maintenance including on-site Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment.

Our Services

Improve Function & Efficiency

Do you have

  • Unpredicted faults
  • Inadequate Reliability
  • Repeat failures
  • Unexplained Machine Issues

Leading to

  • Emergency breakdown maintenance
  • High maintenance cost
  • Poor use of available labour
  • Loss of production or increased cost per hour

JPS Reliability can provide

  • Improved functionability and efficiency
  • Address repeat failures
  • Improved maintenance practice
  • Maintenance planning