Ultrasound Energy Loss Surveys

Ultrasound Energy Loss Surveys from JPS Reliability. Air leaks are the most expensive utility leaks in manufacturing. Turbulence from leaks creates white noise with a strong ultrasonic component.

Ultrasound leak inspection is especially beneficial in areas where there is a saturation of gases or where a wide variety of gases, pressurised vessels and vacuum processes exist. Finding and correcting leaks can save hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

A compressed air maintenance program includes a complete inspection of the compressed air system three to four times a year.  Leaks are tagged when detected so that action can be taken.  Regular inspections ensure that new leaks are found and confirm that tagged leaks from previous surveys were repaired.

Sound dependent, ultrasound instruments detect turbulent flow produced as the fluid (liquid or gas) moves from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side of a leak.

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  • Compressed air leaks – Energy Saving
  • Heat exchanger tubes / plates
  • Faulty steam traps – Energy Saving
  • Passing isolation valves
  • Low-level cavitation