Electric Motor Reliability

JPS Reliability Ltd are proud to announce a working Partnership with 3Phi Reliability Sarl. 3Phi Reliability have brought together decades of experience in Electric Motor Management.

Each 3Phi Reliability element supports a total reliability solution. Consequently, 3Phi have four main areas of Electric Motor Management. (1) A motor audit identifies the assets on site or multisite. (2) A health assessment giving the current reliability status (3) Asset Strategies for Maintenance & Reliability lowest cost of ownership (4) Management Practices ensuring what is purchased and overhauled is fit for use.

In addition, correctly identified spares, stored and acceptance tested minimising response time. 

Unquestionably a motor management programme will improve reliability along with significant savings in costly breakdowns, energy savings, and overhaul costs. 

“Service offerings of 3Phi Reliability Sarl fit perfectly withing the JPS mission to help support the health and healing of assets and systems, across industry in general and the globe, and to make every plant a reliable and safe plant. Furthermore, Energy savings is an often-overlooked branch of condition morning and 3Phi Reliability are experts in this field”.

For more information contact us or please visit the 3Phi Reliability Sarl www.3Phi-Reliability.com

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